Project CARS - Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One)



What started out as a mere Kickstarter campaign has quickly transformed into one of the most successful game stories in the past couple of years. Project CARS was originally made on a modest 5 million dollar budget, which might be a lot of money for the Joe Average but is minuscule in the world of gaming. But the game looks and plays like it had a 10X larger budget.

Now, you can enjoy an enhanced version of the 2015 classic with new vehicles, tracks, and liveries, with enhanced graphics on Xbox One. The Game of the Year Edition comes with more than 50 new vehicles, 4 new racing tracks, and over 60 additional liveries, created by other community members in the last few years.

This is the aesthetically pleasing, intense, and technically-advanced racing game out there. The game allows the player to create their own driver, pick from a number of motorsports, and shift your game into fifth gear to chase a number of Historic Goals in an effort to get your driver into the Project CARS Hall of Fame.

In addition to offline game modes, you can also test your driving skills by competing with other players in an online tournament. The online mode comes with fully-loaded racing weekends and community-sponsored events on a monthly basis. These tournaments will not only help you make a name for yourself in the CARS universe, but they also come with real-world prizes.

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