Team Sonic Racing™ (Xbox Game EU)



Are you ready to have the race of your life with Sonic and his friends? Try out the new Team Sonic Racing on Xbox One and see how fast Sonic really is. With more than 15 playable characters, you can literally spend hundreds of hours racing and customizing your vehicles without even noticing how much time has passed.

Is standard racing the only option? Not by a long shot. Team Sonic Racing comes with a number of game modes including multiple single-player and multiplayer modes. You can go online, and enjoy the game with up to 11 other people. Also, you can play with 3 more people on the same console, with the 4-player split-screen mode. Offline, you can play the team Adventure mode.

The latter allows you to join forces with your friends and play as a team. You can combine your powers, abilities, and scores to win the Team Grand Prix. Not sure you can win the race you’re in? Simply use your powers to wreak havoc on other players to help your teammates win the race and score additional points for your team.

Out of 15 different playable characters, there are 3 specific character types you can choose:

  • Fast characters
  • Technique-based characters
  • Power-reliant characters

Not only can you customize the racing vehicle of your character but you can also alter their look to make them ready for the race both functionally and aesthetically. Use the customization options to race the way you want.

How to redeem a code on Xbox console

Press the Xbox button to open the guide, and then select Store.
Press the View button to open the side menu, and then select Redeem.
Enter the 25-character code, select Next, and then follow the prompts.

How to redeem a code from a PC or mobile browser

From a web browser, go to
Enter the 25-character code, select Next, and then follow the prompts.