Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice (Xbox One EU)



In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the player takes the role of a disgraced warrior, disgraced, defeated in battle, left to die with a cut-off arm. The “one-armed wolf” has made an oath to protect a young descendant of an ancient bloodline, who has been hunted by the terrifying Ashina clan. The young lord has been captured by the enemy clan. Your mission is to bring him back to safety, defeat the Ashina clan, and regain your honor in a fight to the death.

FormSoftware gives the player the opportunity to experience the Sengoku Japan in all of its beauty and brutality. Life in the 1500s Japan was a constant struggle. You can now go through that struggle in striking detail with Shows Die Twice. Face brutal enemies and survive the dark and twisted world with an arsenal of deadly tools. Use your strength, vertical travel, and visceral combat skills to defeat larger-than-life foes on your way to saving the young lord.

Do you want to give your gaming skills a real challenge for once? Then you should try playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. FormSoftware, the company behind the game is known for its exciting Dark Souls and Bloodborne games. Sekiro is no different. The game comes with many challenges. While it never feels impossible, it still gives you hours and hours of repeated gaming experience. Sharpen your mind and prepare your body for the ultimate ninja exerince in gaming.

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