Sonic Mania (Xbox Game EU)



Our favorite blue hedgehog is back at it again with a fantastic Xbox game. If you like the movie that came out about this speed demon, you’ll love Sonic Mania. Everything that makes Sonic special and memorable appears in this fantastic blast from the past brought from the CRT screen to your flatscreen.

An all-new 2D action-packed adventure awaits you with this little gem, and this time it’s in Full HD. If you adore traditional platformers and have a knack for retro games, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time as one of the three main characters – Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles.

All characters have unique traits that make them special. Sonic is lighting fast, Tails is cunning and soaring, and Knuckles is ready to smash through anything you throw at him.

Zoom right back into the action with this fantastic re-imagined version for the Xbox. All of the golden oldies and zones are right back on your screen, but there is a twist. All of the old zones have been re-imagined, so they’re not the same as they used to be, and neither is anyone from Dr. Robotnik’s horde of robot minions.

If you’re more of a competitive player, you’ll love the competition mode, which allows you to put your skills against the best players. If you’ve got that special someone in your life, you’ll love the co-op mode that allows you to experience multiplayer games of yesterday, today.

The exciting re-imagined world of Mobius awaits you – just as familiar as you’ve left it, but just as new to keep you glued to your Xbox for hours.

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